Day 1: Canada Border to St Ignace Mi


11295638_10153325028144674_1511083741523035657_n11204942_10153325027884674_233393186529803109_nDay 1:

Well the day has finally arrived and today we hit the road. We have read a lot about cycle touring in our efforts to prepare for the trip, but starting of right on day one, we are breaking a lot of the recommendations and rules for touring. Namely, the recommendation is to start out with a very small day so that you can account for any challenges that may arise, or getting lost getting to your start point, mechanical problems that come up, etc.

Well in our case we had one extra big hurdle…. Baby Aspen.

The baby did not get the memo about the trip and arrive over 2 weeks late and got here only 30 hours before our expected departure day. So rather than having a 3 week old when we left, we had a 3 day old. We did push the start of the trip back 2 days but did not want to push it back more out of fear of losing our window to fit the bike trip in our schedule.

So on the first morning, rather than spending the first day at a hotel near our start point we had to drive 3 hours to get there. So we started late in the day at about 2:00. Then, we wanted to spend the first night in a hotel with Angela and Aspen, so we had to ride 50 miles right out of the gate to reach the first town we could stay.

So 50 miles and 6 hours later we rolled into our first stop. 50 miles on a 60 pound touring bike is a lot different then a 18 pound race bike.

The day itself was not really the most memorable ride because all of the events of the ride were greatly overshadowed by the process of actually starting, dealing with the baby and getting a place to stay the first night.

Over the course of the day, we did have all of the expected problems that come up when you start out or you have a lot of new or recently adjusted equipment from seats that came loose to mirrors that ended up not staying where they were meant to be.

We know that the hardest part of any adventure is just getting out the door, so with day 1 in the books, we are happy. Oh – and Breeze had been extremely nervous about this trip for the last several months. I think she was over her nerves by about mile 2.



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