Day 11: Grand Rapids MI to Lawton MI

Day 11

Today we are on our own again. The rain has left and Ang is headed back home for a quick trip to do some work. The day started out like all the rest. HILLS!. Why is it that all hills seem bigger in the first 5 miles of the ride and the last 5 miles of the ride?

Anyway we managed to cover well over 50 miles making this one of our bigger days of the trips. Along the way we stopped at a number of parks because the girls love to test out all the playgrounds, and we also encountered a few closed roads. The first time we reached a road closed sign, we just turned and kept going with no added distance to our route. The second time however we were not so lucky.

We had been on back dirt roads all day. When we reached a sign that said “Raod closed ½ mile” we checked our GPS and there was nothing good. The only option was to back track a couple miles and then go several miles around. So since this was already a long day, we decided to chance it. We figured as long it was not a bridge out we would be able to talk through or around anything.

Well with all the rain the night before through a ½ mile construction site, this was one extremely muddy walk pushing these heavy bikes over steep hills and deep mud. In the end, we ended up needing to stop for a car wash for the bikes. I think we were all carrying 20 extra pounds of dried mud.

We camped at a campground called Pioneer Point Campground in Lawton MI. The campground was nice enough to donate back to help kids cancer all of the money we paid for camping.

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