Day 13: Elkhart IN to Nappanee IN

Day 13:

So today was a rest day/easy day… we only biked 24 miles. When as we reached our hotel, we were thinking… in what world are we not that biking 24 miles is a rest day? This is one crazy world.

Today was a cram packed day of adventure. We had 3 major stops for the day. Also because so much of our day was spent with bikes locked up at attractions, we decided to leave all our bags and electronics in the car with Ang. After riding for over 400 miles with 60+ pound bikes, it was very weird to ride with only 25 pound bikes. You could suddenly accelerate from a stop sign like a drag racer.

So the first stop of the day was the MH/RV Hall of Fame. The museum has over 60 RVs on display ranging from a 1913 which is believed to the very first motor home ever up to brand new motor homes. There was also the first ever made RVs form a lot of the current big names. This was worth the trip!

Then next up we went to the botanical gardens in Elkhart IN. This was just a stroke of luck for us today since we were passing right past it and it is free on tuesdays. This was not the biggest gardens we have been to, but it had a lot of really nice things going for it. There was a lot of construction going on and this is a place that will be very cool in a couple years.

Lastly we went to the Hall of Heroes Museum. This is a museum of a comics collector that has turned his collection into one of the biggest museums of comics and action figures in the world. They had a ton of very cool things. My favorite was the actual shield from the Captain America movie all signed by the cast. The huge collection was starting to overflow their current space and the were looking to expand to a new facility in the next year. If they can get that done, this is something I would definitely be coming back to visit. They would greatly benefit from the space and it would make it a lot easier to see all the stuff. There was just so much cool stuff it was overwhelming and I know I missed a lot.

We finished the ride off with a nice 18 mile ride to Nappanee IN for a stay at Amish Acres.

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