Day 18: Indianapolis IN to Columbus IN


Day 18:

We decided to try and put on a good ride coming off an easy day. This was one of our hardest days out there. Not only was it a long day, but the wind was a little crazy. We were headed into a strong head wind the entire way. We actually found it easier pedaling up hills because the hill was blocking the wind. On flat ground I would ask Breeze how fast we were going and she kept telling me numbers like 6, 8 or 5 MPH. That is not that impressive!

Plus Rainey got the sore throad that Breeze had a few days ago and decided to ride with mom half way through the day. It is totally unlike her, so we know she was really not feeling well.

Angela did end up finding a great place, even though it took us a hell-of-a ride to get there. She found these cabins that were rustic (although they did have power). The cabin was at a sports center complex (in the woods) with lots of things for the girls and right on a river.

Grandma had bought the girls a fishing pole and they spent hours fishing over the next 2 days.

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