Day 22: Sheperdsville KY to Elizabethtown KY

Day 22:

So today we decided on another shorter day so we could get to Elizabethtown and visit a museum we wanted to see. About 10 miles into our trip we saw a cyclist coming the other way. He passed us and then turned around and rode up alongside of us. It was the security guard from yesterday. We were 50 miles from where we had met him the day before. He had just got up that morning and thought. “I should just ride a century”. Crazy Guy. LOL. So when we saw him, he was already 68 miles into his ride.

He rode with us and we talked for a mile or so and then he branched off to finish up his nice easy 100 mile ride. LOL.

Someday we will do a century ride, but not today.

Today we headed into Elizabethtown. This was one hot day. 95 degrees and humid. I am glad we opted for the short day because anymore and it would have been miserable.

We visited the Swope’s Cars of Yesteryears Museum. This is a pretty cool museum to check out. It is completely free museum put on be a very large car dealership in town. He was basically a car collector that decided the town gave so much to them over the years that they wanted to give something back to the community.

Ang and I really like the Packards and the Rolls Royces from the 30’s. The girls like the muscle cars.

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