Day 24: Mundfordville KY to Cave City KY

Some days we plan attractions, some days we stumble upon them. Today was both.

First off we ended up at the site of a battle field in Mundfordville. Apparently this town was occupied by both sides for 5 years during the civil war. There was the longest railroad bridge in the world at the time crossing a river. So huge strategic importance and both sides wanted it and wanted to make the the other side did not have it.

After we left there we made our way down to an Amish Bakery/Grocery store. I know all amish communities opperate under different rules but this was not the same as we have in MI. While the food was good, there was a lot of modern going on like electric lights and ovens and cash registers and debit cards. So that was a little weird.

Then further down the road we go to Horse Cave KY. Here we took a cave tour and we also visited the American Cave Museum. There girls were very interested in the deep cave animals that have evolved over time.

I really liked this town. I has so much potential. It has an attraction, a freeway, good buildings, charm… I could totaly see Horse Cave as a town someone turns into a Mackinaw City or something like that.

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