Day 25-26: Rest Days – Cave City

We took 2 rest days in a row because this is about the halfway mark of this trip. It is always important to remember that the girls are 10 and 12. So while we can push it a lot more and make a lot more miles, the goal is to make them have enough fun that they will want to do another great adventure. Right now they want to cycle Colorado and France and also they have a few SCUBA diving things they keep talking about. So we will see what is next.

As for now, there is a lot in the Cave City area. This is just a big tourist trap. One of the things we did was take them to a place that had putt-putt, an alpine slide, bumper cars and a few other things. We bought them wrist bands for all day and then let them run wild for 6 hours.

We also took the girls to Jurassic World. Going to the movies is not really our type of thing. I can not remember the last time we did that, but they really wanted to see that movie and it was in air conditioning, so that was a big plus.

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