Day 29: Murfreesboro TN to Fayetteville TN

We have talked to a lot of people and pretty much everyone says that day 4-7 of a tour is the hardest. For us, I think it was day 29. This was just a hard day.

To start out the day, we were about a mile from the hotel and Rainey had a pedal bearing start to go out. So we headed back to the hotel, got it freed up and filled it with oil to hold us over until we could replace it. So one hour into our ride, we were still at the hotel. And that is when it started to get hot. Today reached 97 degrees and there was no relief.

At midday we pulled into Shelbyville, Rainey picked up a bunch of glass that popped her tube and did a pretty good number on her tire. So we walked about 2 miles in the heat to where we met Ang and replaced both the tube and tire with a spare we had in the car.

Of course everything in Shelbyville was under construction so the roads were the worst. The sidewalks closed. It just sucked.

Then heading out of town we reached the hill. Just to make it worse on a bad day in the heat we had the hill. Now normally it would have not been that bad of a hill, but with the day it was a lot. Oh – and apparently we were near a chicken factory so we were on a narrow mountain curvy road and every 4 minutes we were passed by a smelly semi carrying about 4,000 chickens to the butcher. Just not that fun.

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