Day 4: Wolverine Mi to Mancelona Mi

Day 4:

Breeze woke up at about 5am throwing up in the tent. This had us a little worried to start off the day but in the end, after a couple more hours of sleep she was ready to roll. The mosquitos were terrible so rather than cooking, we opted to break down camp as quick as possible, eat a banana and head on to the first town about 3 miles down the road to eat a good breakfast in Wolverine Mi.

Now this day as well was a rather unremarkable day. This is because we were passing as close as we will at any point on this trip to our house. We went right through Gaylord and ate at the same place we eat at all the time and went down the same road we go all of the time.  So this makes today a pretty ordinary day. We were happy to finally return to paved road so that we gained a bit of speed and started making some good time.