Day 6: Mancelona MI to Manton MI

Day 6:

After a day of rest we were ready to hit the road. Up to this point day 6 was the easiest day of the ride. Breeze thinks it was because the day of rest. Rainey thinks it was because it was a rainy day and she was drawing power from her element.

We started out on some very sandy hilly roads so there was a bit of walking to start, but once we got going we had all great roads with wide shoulders. Unfortunately we did not stop and see a lot during this leg of the trip because we started getting a lot of warnings about pending rain turning into severe storms, hail and more. So we started pushing it for the second half of the day.

We did not make it. The rain came and started dumping on us with 18 miles to go. So we rode in a total downpour for the next 2 hours.

Once it started raining however, Rainey started started going faster and faster and screaming “Woo Hoo!!!!” the whole way. She is one crazy girl.

In Manton, we stopped at a restaurant called the North Side. For $5, checkout all the food that Breeze got.

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