Day 9: Grand Rapids / Rest

Today we opted to follow up our very long day with a “rest” day. Not a complete no rest, but a short 17 mile trip from the north side to the south side of Grand Rapids.

For most people the thought of taking a bike ride across a metro area of over a million people with a 10 and 12 year old  would be terrifying, but we were well prepared and it went very well.

We have spent years talking about traffic laws and things to watch for like blind spots such as cars pulling out behind signs and bushes or the right hand turners that do not always look before going. We have also worked a lot about even small things such as cracks in the road and how they can make you lose control and where would be a safe place to run off or crash rather than being in traffic. And also learning how to bike in a predictable way with no sudden motions that may startle drivers.
Another huge help was our investment in the Sena SMH-10 headsets. They were made for motorcycles, but we rigged them to work with our bike helmets. This allows the three of us to talk continuously on “conference call” so that there are no surprises and we can all watch out for dangers.

Now that we have the city behind us, we are ready to take on the open road again in the morning and finish up our last couple days in Michigan before we enter Indiana.

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