Paris Bound!

Really we are Dijon bound- but Paris is our point of entry into France! Welcome France and all the goodness you’ll offer us!

Because it was much cheaper for us all to fly from NYC to Paris we enlisted Scott’s parents, who are pretty much always game for a road trip, to drive us from Michigan to NYC and then drive our car back to our shop in Michigan. It worked out pretty well! No major issues and I got some good road trip selfies!

First things first! Why Dijon France?

Well a few reasons. If you know me, you know I am a Disney World freak! I truly, although I own very little WDW items, I adore Disney! We wanted to venture international after spending a lot of time touring the USA by mini-van! And we couldn’t decide where. It was a combination of Disney World’s Epcot France Pavilion and the book “The Road to Burgundy: The Unlikely Story of an American Making Wine and a New Life in France” by Ray Walker.

Walt Disney World Showcase
Walt Disney World Epcot France Pavilion

I fell in love with the architecture, the food (at Disney’s France Pavilion, that I was told was authentic and I can now attest, IT IS!) The charm of castles and countrysides and bread and quiche and cheese! I have attempted to love french wine or wine at all… I am still working on this!

But France was safe, cheap to get to from the USA and still foreign and international. So we set out to plan our France adventure.

Booking our flights I tend to book the cheapest and just deal, this meant a midnight flight, with 3 kids! This actually ended up working in our favor because Aspen slept the entire flight. It is a bit uncomfortable to not move for 7 hours as a child sleeps on you, but you do what ya gotta do! Sleeping baby WINS!

We arrived in Paris in the afternoon but our train to Dijon wasn’t for several hours until 6pm. So we waited, excited, tired, and pretty bored. Airports are less than fun. Especially with children. We had our first taste of french food and coffee. And then we hit the train!

Baby carriers are life savers!

The train left right from the airport (score and a huge bonus to Europe as a whole!). Trains are fast, convenient and inexpensive in Europe. We arrived late to Dijon, and here we were, 5 people, hauling suitcases for a 3 month adventure though the streets of Dijon in the dark. Thankfully Dijon is SUPER safe and we got lucky booking an apartment literally 1/2 a mile from the train station, still we had no idea where we were going and our ability to speak french was about that of a 3 month old! So….

We took a picture of the map at the train station. We needed to walk toward Darcy Place. This is the shopping district and where our house is.

We were wandering, in the right direction and a man approached us, “Angela?” he said. It was the man we were renting from! Sweet! he found us. He lives out of town by about 90 minutes but drove in to welcome and help us. He got us to the apartment. I will say, we could NOT have booked a better location.

We arrived at night, but this is what our building looks like in the day. See the chimes on the left building? Our apartment is up there! Remember attic apartment. But with that comes great views!
The itty-bitty elevator

Our apartment is small. VERY SMALL. It is an attic apartment of a very old building.  You have to walk up one large flight of stairs, then hit a mini elevator to the 4th floor then walk up 2 more stories of stairs. But it is cute and a perfect location.  We are literally at the center of the posh shopping district.  We had no idea! The Darcy Station (the train that runs though town) is right out our door. We have a about a mile by 1/2 mile area that has no cars just boutiques, coffee shops, cheese shops, bakeries.

I think we will enjoy this town!

The view from the girls room.


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